REALITY CHECK on what is promised.

Sr.No Specification-Aminities as given in broacher Provided or not Remarks
1 Spacious visitors lounge in the ground floor with marble/granite flooring Not spacious, with out ventilation and natural light. Unsatisfactory
2 2 elevators, both 8 passenger capacity 2elevators each with 6 passenger capacity. Unsatisfactory
3 Generator for common & apartment lighting , with sound proof enclouser. Yes. O.K
4 Telecom with intercom connection to all apartments, security, society room, rececreation hall and lobby. Not provided Not as promised
5 Fire fighting system. Provided but not shown any demo. We should know how to use it during emergency. Unsatisfactory
6 Landscaped garden. Not provided. Not as promised
7 Cable TV connection. Provided. OK
8 Covered Car park for all flats Provision is there but flat no. not marked permanently. Allotment letter with location of the car park for specific flat is not provided. Builder tried to build office/flat on the ground floor car-park. This if permitted ,would reduce the 7 car parks. Unsatisfactory
9 Society room and security room in ground floor and common toilets in the ground floor. No Society room, security room & common toilet are provided on the ground floor. Unsatisfactory
10 Concrete interlock paving for car-park and yard. Full car-park area is not provided with Concrete interlock paving. Only front portion is provided with. Unsatisfactory
11 Marble / granite flooring for common areas and staircase. Yes. O.K
12 Attractive decorative main entrance door. Yes. OK
13 Marble flooring for drawing & dining room. No. Vitrified tiles are fixed. No. Vitrified tiles are fixed.
14 Superior ceramic tiles for Kitchen and bed rooms. Few have asked for vitrified tiles for all the rooms at additional cost. OK
15 Design glassed tiles for toilets and kitchen Yes OK
16 Granite platform with stainless steel sink for kitchen. Yes. Workmanship poor. Water seeps through wall. Unsatisfactory
17 CP plumbing fittings (Jaguar / Nova) for toilets & Kitchen. No.
ARK make -inferior-fittings are provided.
18 Coloured sanitoryware (Hindustan / Parryware) in all toilets. Yes but not coloured ones. OK
19 Putty finished Acrylic distemper painting for ceiling and walls. In side the flat - Yes. OK
20 Electrical wiring using v-guard / Havell's. No idea.
21 Superior design locks for all inside doors. Only for main entrance door lock is provided. All other doors are provided with latches. Unsatisfactory
22 Fully framed RCC structure with car-park facility in ground floor. Car-park is being encroached up on by builder. If he succeeds in building office/flat at car park. 7 car-parks will be lost. Unsatisfactory
23 Double coat exterior plastering with waterproof treatment. No. only single coat is painted that too not properly. This can be verified. Exterior of window-shutter is not painted. Unsatisfactory
24 Compound wall and gate, Yes. OK
25 Wooden window-frames with steel grills. Yes OK
26 RCC door frames with decorative flush door shutters for rooms and fibrotech shutters for toilets. Yes OK
27 Aluminium door cum windows for terrace and ground floor Terrace is occupied by unfinished pent house pillars and recreation hall. Unsatisfactory
28 Metal putty finish enamel paint for doors and window shutters and external emulsion paint for frames. Only one coat is painted. Exterior of window-shutter is not painted. Unsatisfactory
29 All types of doors and window fixtures. Not very clear. What is provided is very ordinary. Unsatisfactory
30 Electrical fittings to balconies, common toilet, car park and yard. No outdoor electrical fiittings particularly at the gate is provided. Unsatisfactory
31 Overhead water tank and underground sump tank with required pumps. Overhead Water tank was found leaking. It is not repaired properly. Underground water tank has opening in a room in ground floor. This must be pump room we presume. Unsatisfactory
32 Water supply with open well in addition to the corporation water connection Temporary flexible pipes are used for connecting well pump to underground sump. Unsatisfactory
33 TV point & telephone / intercom connection. Intercom connection not provided. TV and Telephone point are provided. Not as promised.
34 Pastel coloured counter type wash basin for dining room. Not provided.. Not as promised.
35 Telephone/intercom and TV point in master bed room. Intercom connection not provided. TV and Telephone point are provided. Not as promised
36 AC provision in master bed room with wooden frame opening. Yes OK
37 Two way light control and night lamp. Yes Ok
38 Waterproof treatment done for sunken RCC slab. Yes OK
39 Pressure Checked plumbing and drainage lines to ensure total leak proof toilets. On few occasion, water was leaking through the wall. On checking it was found that elbow fitting was cracked. Surely it must be due to poor quality of cPVC pipe fitting used inside the wall. Unsatisfactory
40 Flush valves / cocks for commodes. Yes. Initially this gave problem. OK
41 Hot & mixer unit for all bathrooms. Jaguar / Nova fittings not provided as mentioned earlier. Unsatisfactory
42 IWC for common toilet and wall mounted EWC for attached toilets. Yes OK
43 Ceramic tiles -anti skid- for bath room floors. Yes OK
44 Provision for exhaust fan in bathrooms. Yes OK
45 Adequate power points in kitchen & work area. Yes OK
46 Provisions for exhaust fan in kitchen & work area. Yes OK
47 Provision for fixing water purifiers near sink in kitchen & work area. . Yes OK
48 Additional granite platform in work area in kitchen & work area.. Provided at extra cost. Not as promised
49 Plumbing & drainage connection with power point for washing machine in work area.. YES OK
50 Storage racks kitchen & work area. Provided at extra cost. Not as promised

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